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What’s an epic trilogy without the ability to binge watch it? We’ve compiled all our theatrical trailers here for your pleasure. You can also find & share them by following us. Thank you to The National Theatre School of Canada’s Theatre Engaging Communities program for supporting The Empire’s expanded online universe, and for making multi-platform story-telling possible.

you’d be wise to get in on the ground floor of this ambitious new experiment in independent serial narrative
— José Teodoro, NOW Magazine, on The Philosopher's Wife
The Philosopher’s Wife whets the appetite for the other courses
— Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail
a transporting speculative gothic... that sweeps us far away from the coziness of mere allegory
— José Teodoro, NOW Magazine, on The Philosopher's Wife
The Scavenger’s Daughter tortures history in an effectively nightmarish way
— Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail
outstanding portraits of individuals struggling to hold it together in the most punishing of circumstances
— Karen Fricker, The Toronto Star, on The Scavenger's Daughter
Four Sisters shares its predecessors’ Atwoodesque political boldness and focus on world-building, but assumes a radically different approach to storytelling.
— -José Teodoro, NOW Magazine

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