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We raised $15,100 - thank you!

Video: Indie challenges. Epic Art. We need you!

It takes a village to raise a trilogy. Hover over the faces to reveal the names of the supporters who've championed The Empire trilogy so far. We’re seeking 150 individuals to contribute $100 to honour a past contributor and help us raise $15,000 for the upcoming world premieres.  You can pick who you'd like to honour or leave that up to us.

For every $100 raised, we will 'de-invisibilize' a supporter's image.

For every $100 raised, we will 'de-invisibilize' a supporter's image.

Our story inspired the team at Moose Knuckles Canada who'd like to reward 2 of our donors for supporting our project. Supporters at the $100+  will receive a complimentary ticket to our premiere of Four Sisters at Luminato June 11-16th, 2019 and automatically be entered into a draw to win a Moose Knuckles gift card for a new parka (valued at $500).

We’ll add all our supporters names (and image if desired) to our visual history.   Thank you for supporting indie artists and making 'impossible art' possible.  Want to choose how much you donate? There's a custom option for any amount you'd like. 

Donate to a name for a name

The Early Believers (2011- ongoing): The dramaturgs. The mentors. The muses. The philosophers. The cookers of meals. The dreamers. The care-givers. The listeners. The dog trainers.

Noah Reid, Leora Morris, ted witzel, Toby Malone, Linda Griffiths, Iris Turcott, Jason Byrne, Brian Quirt, Jacob Zimmer, James Downing,

Guillermo Verdecchia, Charlotte Corbeil Coleman, Atul Bahl, Anne Marie MacDonald, Maria Vamvalis, Casey Bee, Mel Hague, Bryony Lavery, Graham Topa, Ruth Little

Brad Fraser, Sherry Bie, Deena Cooper, Bernie Fournier, Bonny Fournier, Damien Atkins, Brendan McMurtry-Howlett, Lauren Snowball, Edward Bond, Belinda Willis

The Space Creators (2012 - ongoing) The readers. The early funders. The writing midwives. The network builders. 

David Yee, Matthew Jocelyn, Kelly Thornton, Erica Kopyto, Sherrie Johnson, Sarah Garton-Stanley, James Graham, Dwight McFee, Lisa Baylin, David Gale

The time travelers & players (2013 - ongoing) The ones who lent their voices, bodies, minds, and hearts to whisper/shout/breathe these texts into being in Banff, Toronto, Ottawa, Germany, New York--in living rooms, kitchens, theaters, beside rivers, and in open fields. 

Sascha Cole, Ian Lake, Greg Gale, Alex Paxton-Beesley, PJ Prudat, Steven Gallagher, Dan Fernandez, Severn Thompson, Jesse Gervais, Tracey Ferencz

Brandon Coffey, Perrie Olthuis, Gord Rand, Robert Persichini, Craig Pike, Krista Colosimo, Paul Rainville, Martin Happer, Kelli Fox, Thom Marriott

Allegra Fulton, Hannah Miller, Janelle Cooper, Jonathan Koensgen, Tristan D. Lalla, Kevin Walker, Lucinda Davis, Kayvon Khoshkam, Sean Dixon, Steven McCarthy

Ishan Davé, Dalal Badr, Jill Connell, Bea Pizano, Keith Barker, Kyra Harper, Mina James, Richard Lam, Virgilia Griffith, Ximena Huizi

Bahia Watson, Nola Auguston, David Patrick Flemming, Deb Grover, Jajube Mandiela, Liisa Repo-Martell, Lisa Codrington, Rosemary Dunsmore, Sabryn Rock, Sarah Kitz

Aviva Armour Ostroff, Conrad Coates, Chala Hunter, Danny Ghantous, Carlos Gonzalez-Vio, Christopher Stanton, Conor Wylie, Josh Johnston, Samantha Brown, Sina Gilani

Aaron Poole, Aisha Sasha John, Brad Hodder, Brigit Wilson, Claudia Moore, Ijeoma Emesowum, Jeff Meadows, Katie Swift, Krystina Bojanowski, Michael Spencer Davis

Donate to A Name for a name

The Walkers of the Walk (2015 - ongoing) The partners. The presenters. The Funders. The translators. The amplifiers. The defenders. The ones who said yes when others said no. 

Birgit Schreyer-Duarte, evalyn parry, Franco Boni, Kelly Read, Kristina Lemieux, Aislinn Rose, Mark Aikman, Michael Wheeler, Shawn Daudlin, Jillian Keiley

Laura Mullin, Chris Tolley, Josephine Ridge, Naomi Campbell, Pat Bradley, Maria Milisavljevic, Bob White, Joanna Falck, The Toronto Arts Council, The AKI Studio,

Sedina Fiati, Claire Burns, David Costello, Maxwell Hyett, Erin Brubacher, Nat Fried, Sandy Plunkett, Sam Hudecki, Philip Riccio, Allan Hawco

The Visionaries (2017 - ongoing) The designers, producers, makers, and doers. The world builders. 

Alexandra Lord, Alison Wong, Amanda Acorn, Ben McCarthy, Crystal Lee, , Chris Ross Ewart, Kaitlin Hickey, Michael F Bergmann, Michelle Tracey, Shannon Lea Doyle

The Campaigners (2018 - ongoing) The donors, the champions, the name givers, the ones who answered when we asked...

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