The Empire
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The Empire is a theatrical universe you can explore by watching, reading, listening, following, and encountering live.


The Empire explores a world on the edge of change.

3 epic stories that when combined reveal a secret narrative spanning 500 years of imagined history.

You first enter the world of The Empire at the birth of a new age in The Philosopher’s Wife, a  modern gothic exposing society’s obsession with power dynamics and gender wars told through the lens of dog training. 20 years later, The Scavenger’s Daughter plunges you into the now destroyed landscape as orphan soldiers try to survive war,  toxic masculinity, and each other. 300 years after that, Time itself begins to erode in Four Sisters, a dance between darkness and light, theatre and dance, following a found family of women calling out for revolution.

You can explore the Empire through our live performances, our podcasts, videos, and online only graphic novel, or click on the show images below to learn about our critically acclaimed productions.

Photos on this website are by Bernie Fournier, Jeremy Mimnagh, Haley Garnett & Tanja-Tiziana