PARADIGM productions is a collaborative theatre company based in Toronto. We’re focused on developing and producing large-scale, Canadian, expressionist narratives in order to bring poetry, politics, and mystery to our stages. Our work is feminist, anti-imperial, queer, and sometimes impossible.

We work with artists who share a suspicious, possibly enraging, and passionate approach to theatrical form. In our projects we:

  • challenges the dominant narratives of our times & engage in the socio-political impact of the stories we tell

  • bring artists from different practices & backgrounds into collaboration together, with an emphasis on cross-generational dialogue within our artistic practice and community

  • create new development models for design-driven performance texts & champion our projects through to production stage

  • partner with local & national companies who recognize that indie, emerging, and inter-disciplinary artists are the shaping the future of live art

  • make work that delights, disturbs, confounds, and enlivens us

We launched in 2013 with Susanna’s debut play, Stencilboy and Other Portraits. Since then (and before The Empire) we’ve been dedicated to developing the various inter-disciplinary performance texts of artistic founder, Susanna Fournier.


Written by Susanna Fournier Director by Jonathan Seinen

Janrary 8th - 19th, 2014 // Factory Theatre  // Toronto Next Stage Festival


Lily ditches her small-town life and makes for the city.  Her fervent desire to be immortalized in a painting leads her to two radically different men, an underground graffiti artist and a once famous painter. Lily fights to find a place in their dystopic world that has all but abandoned art---and where the boundaries between sex, creation, violence, and addiction are dangerously blurred.  

Performers // Sochi Fried, Brandon Coffey, Richard Clarkin

Set & Costume Design // Lindsay Ann Black

Lights // Michelle Ramsay

Sound // Thomas Ryder Payne

Stage Manager // Kai Yueh Chen

Production Manager // Kaitlin Hickey

Dramaturg // Leora Morris

Producer //  Susanna Fournier

Photography // Mark Sommerfeld, Graphic Design Patrick Fournier