You want - We want & 15 Things We Both Want

15 reasons to help The Empire reach 15K.

#WantingWednesday a re-imagining of #GivingTuesday

  1. You want indie artists to keep making work. We don’t get money to pay for salaries or keep the lights on. We rely on innovating producing models to make sure we have all the resources we need to make our art and pay our artists.

  2. You want female leadership. PARADIGM productions is a female-led team, and The Empire productions consist of over 70% women. Break that glass ceiling with us, it feels so good.

  3. You want binge-worthy stories. The Empire is a TRILOGY. Plan to watch all three. And then listen to them again at home with our podcasts.

  4. You want to stay warm this winter! And our partners over at Moose Knuckles want to give two of our lucky donors brand new parkas!

  5. You want next generation artists to surprise, amaze, and delight you. The majority of artists working on The Empire are under the age of 35. Actors, Designers, Production Managers, Producers.... We’re all here.

  6. You want content you can access on your own terms. The Empire is an ENTIRE UNIVERSE for you to explore. Watch. Read. Listen. Experience. On many platforms.

  7. You want to challenge narratives. The Empire is about: Questioning Imperialism; Examining Power Structures; Smashing the Patriarchy; Demanding Something Better.

  8. You want local talent to shine. Our team of over 50 artists come from all over the country (and all over the world!). They’ve been working for over 2 years to make this happen.

  9. You want great conversation. We’ve partnered with incredible people and organizations to bring you exciting forums and guest talkbacks, like #UrgentExchange on December 9. Connecting the material of the plays with the events of our world.

  10. You want a good night out, a juicy story, a chance to feel alive!

  11. You want to break down the walls of ‘theatre’. The stories of The Empire extend beyond the plays. Explore all special features content on our online portal.

  12. You want to be in on The Empire early, be a VIP, & get to say “I was there when it first launched!”

  13. You want ambitious, tenacious, creativity. The Empire is THREE WORLD PREMIERES.

  14. You want us to go big or go home. We’re not going home.

  15. You want impossible art. Because it gives us hope.

Susanna Fournier