Part One: The Philosopher's Wife

"The first battlefield is our language.  It begins with words, with thought.  Until there is no separation between what we think, what we say, what we do and what we are…."

This three part radio drama will launch in the summer of 2018 and plunge you into the gothic beginnings of The Empire Trilogy. Listen as Tereza and Thomas journey deep into the North to find an infamous Philosopher who's offering a hefty sum to anyone who can tame the violent wildness that has taken over his home. 

Cast from left to right: Aviva Armour-Ostroff (Tereza), Keith Barker (The Philosopher), Chala Hunter (The Wife), Ishan Davé (Thomas). Directed by Leora Morris. Sign up to our newsletter or on iTunes, so you'll never miss an episode. 

Part Two: The Scavenger's Daughter

"All men are born equal. Some men are born poor. Some men are born kings. Some men are born women. And some men are born enemies. All men being equal; don’t be a fuck up."

To kick off 2018 we are back in the studio. This time to begin work on The Scavenger's Daughter.  ted witzel directs this thriller following Jack and Ash, two orphan soldiers trying to survive the end of a seemingly victorious Imperial they've been fighting for 20 years.  The Scavenger's Daughter will clamp you into the chaos of modern war disguised in camo-fatigues and morphine dreams. 

Cast from left to right: Carlos Gonzalez-Vio (Webb), Mina James (Sarah), Christopher Stanton (Cook), Richard Lam (Ash), and Josh Johnston (Jack).