PARADIGM productions, commissioned by LUMINATO , presents

Bea Pizano, Krystina Bojanowski, Ximena Huizi, Claudia Moore.  Photo by Tanja-Tiziana

Bea Pizano, Krystina Bojanowski, Ximena Huizi, Claudia Moore.

Photo by Tanja-Tiziana


written & directed by SUSANNA FOURNIER
choreography by AMANDA ACORN

JUNE 11- 15th 2019 / The Theatre Centre

259 years have passed since we last saw Sarah in The Scavenger’s Daughter. She has defied Death, survived the toppling of regimes, and centuries of war. When a mysterious plague breaks out, she is forced to relocate to a quarantined zone with her four young wards – girls who have been orphaned by the women she once employed. When a strange doctor arrives and discovers that the girls are plague-positive, Sarah must choose between treating the girls with an experimental new drug or no treatment at all .

Four Sisters culminates Susanna Fournier’s critically-acclaimed trilogy, The Empire, but also stands on its own as a single riveting play shifting between narrative and movement, darkness and light, through the synthesis of Fournier’s provocative text and direction and Amanda Acorn’s visionary choreography.  

FOUR SISTERS is a Rated Unknown – for depictions of lateral violence, big pharma, familial silence, inter-generational feminine rage, injection sites, state coercion in the dislocation of communities, and the collapse of linear perceptions of time as we hurtle into prophecy – calling out for a new world.

producer ALISON WONG
scenography by KAITLIN HICKEY
video design by STEPH RAPOSO
in collaboration with SUSANNA FOURNIER and design concepts from EMPIRE TRILOGY designers: ALEXANDRA LORD, SHANNON LEA DOYLE, and BEN MCCARTHY

Learn more about the hybrid approach to text and choreography we're using to explore feminine story-form in development of Four Sisters. Read our blog post here.