My name is Susanna Fournier. I'm a writer, actor, and the artistic producer of PARADIGM productions. I'm based in Toronto, but have lived in Nelson, B.C, Montreal, and a handful of towns in Ontario. I work in various performance mediums, primarily constructing new texts for theatre. I'm keenly interested in what story-telling can and can't do, why and why not – and says who.  I'm a feminist with a dark sense of humour and I will happily argue imperial economics with anyone willing to go toe to toe. 

I began The Empire in 2010. I was having a crisis of faith. A crisis in art, in people, in justice, in activism, in myself. I looked around at the world—and despite the immense beauty, humour, and ingenuity I know is there, all I could see was how many broken and corrupt systems still shape our lives and communities. I felt rage, confusion, grief. Most of all, I felt powerless. I became obsessed with two questions: how did we get here? and where are we going? I was asking humanity as if it would answer. I was asking myself. I wrote The Empire to unpack systems of power as they exist in the macrocosm—in nations, politics, economies, ideologies of war, imperialism, constructs of gender and sexuality—and how individuals and communities internalize these systems and enact them in the most intimate realms of life, in our homes, bodies, and sense of self. The more I work on these plays the more I understand that how we got here was imperialism, and where we need to go is deeper into our national, global, and individual processes of decolonization. The Empire is an offering. It is a ghost story, a fable, a prophecy. It is a question, how did we get here? and a provocation, where are we going?

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