The Empire Trilogy is led by a indie artists under the age of 35 who create disruptive, entertaining, political work. We're assembling a team of over 50 local artists who share our desire for large-scale, genre-mashing work on Canada's stages. Together we're launching The Empire Trilogy as physical productions premiering in Toronto winter 2018/spring 2019, as serially released podcast radio dramas, and as a digital universe hosted by this website. 

When The Empire project began 8 years ago, a lot of people said it was impossible; it would never find a home in Canada--it was too big, too wild, too ambitious. As indie artists we make 'impossible' art as an act of resistance. We refuse to think small.  But we need your help to dream big. 

150 individuals (and counting!) and some of Canada's most prominent institutions have supported us so far.  We're asking you to join them through our fundraising campaign: A Name for a Name.

Click below to donate & meet the people who are making this rare, theatrical beast possible.