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The Empire  Trilogy: PODCASTS

                                                Aviva Armour-Ostroff (Tereza), Keith Barker (The Philosopher), Chala Hunter (The Wife), Ishan Davé (Thomas)

                                               Aviva Armour-Ostroff (Tereza), Keith Barker (The Philosopher), Chala Hunter (The Wife), Ishan Davé (Thomas)

Listen to a sneak peek, rough cut of the radio-drama podcast version of The Philosopher's Wife we're making with Expect Theatre

Touring: National & International Scope

Our long-form development process isn't just about giving us time for experimentation and risk-taking. It also prepares the trilogy for a continued life beyond the premieres at Luminato 2019 in multiple ways:

- By creating the world of each play in studio through the workshops and then revisiting/re-installing that world into physical space for the premieres, we'll already understand the needs of each production for remount and touring.

- Luminato is developing an international presenter platform. The full trilogy's presence within the festival will allow us to market The Empire to national and international reps who will experience this epic theatrical event together with audiences for the first time. 

- We are already in conversation with Kate Hennig at The Shaw Festival about the trilogy within their future programming, as well as with Alisa Palmer at the National Theatre School of Canada, exploring how our creative team could bring The Empire, and our working methods, into the school's pedagogy and graduating student's presentation projects in Montreal. Susanna, as well as over 10 artists attached to the project, trained at NTS and we're eager to introduce the methods we’re honing as artists 10 years out of school to the students and faculty there.

- Amanda Acorn's relationship with the Festival TransAmériques and its focus on experimental and large-scale work, makes it one of the first places in Canada we'd like to take the work after Toronto.

Future Publication: The Empire Graphic Novels

"When Sam heard that I wanted The Empire to break open what we think a "play" can be-- we started jamming about what form a published version could take. To my knowledge, I've never seen a play text published as a graphic novel. We'll invite publishing houses to our development workshops, with the goal of releasing the graphic novels during the June 2019 premieres."  ~ Susanna Fournier



“In the middle of training in fine arts I made a last minute shift to study film and have worked in the industry ever since. I’m a great believer in the power of images to tell stories and found a niche in delving into the world of dreams as a storyboard artist and concept designer, lifting the written word into a visual language. Storyboard illustration led me to working on several Oscar nominated films such as Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, and most lately Blade Runner 2049. In The Empire I see great possibilities for expanding the richness of this world in visual form, introducing these stories to graphic novels fans, and creating a solid foundation for future film or television adaptations. I’m very excited to work with Susanna expanding the liminal space between artistic mediums and creating another way to encounter this trilogy. Here are my early sketches of The Philosoper's Wife."

GERMAN TRANSLATION: Maria Milisavljevic

Maria Milisavljevic.jpg

The Empire Trilogy delves into martial tropes that resonate strongly with the current political situation and mood in Europe. That the Residenztheater Munich, one of Germany‘s most prominent theatres, invited Susanna to represent North America as part of their international playwrights unit, WORLD/STAGE, shows that her voice is considered hugely worth hearing. The text Residenztheater commissioned from Susanna will premiere in Munich in July 2018. This is a great opportunity to share The Empire Trilogy with German theatres and agents.  I’m currently translating the trilogy so the literary team at Residenztheater, and myself, can present the German version of The Empire Trilogy to the major agents in Germany, who'll be invited to Susanna’s premiere in July. We’ll also send the scripts to directors and the literary departments of major theatres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Empire, which has not been performed in Germany, employs language that is intricate and poetic. Its force may get lost should a German reader not fully be able to linguistically take it in. From there, PARADIGM can begin meaningful conversations with German theatres about touring the productions, or creating new ones, in Germany. Given that ted witzel spent 8 years working and training in Germany, and is fluent, staging the work here is incredibly viable.”                                                                                 

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