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Part One: The Philosopher's Wife

Directed by Leora Morris

  • Running Time: 115 minutes + intermission (2 acts)

  • Cast: 4 (2F, 2M) or (3F, 1M)

  • Configuration: The premiere production plays in the round

  • Show synopsis here

  • The script is represented by Colin Rivers at Marquis Literary

Listen to a sneak peek of the first 20 minutes of The Philosopher's Wife Podcast of watch our edited archival video. Please note - our production used some incredibly isolated lighting - often coming from lanterns, the instruments we embedded in the floor to evoke firelight, and a lot of gothic darkness. In some instances, we were not able to capture this haunting effect on video, thus some scenes will be quite dark.

The Philosopher’s Wife Archival Part 1 of 6 (password: empire)

Part 2 of 6 (password: empire)

Part 3 of 6 (password: empire)

Act II, Part 4 of 6 (password: empire)

Part 5 of 6 (password: empire)

Part 6 of 6 (password: empire)

Part Two: The Scavenger's Daughter Directed by ted witzel

20 years after The Philosopher's Wife ends, we re-enter The Empire as a now destroyed landscape. ted witzel plunges us into a mechanized world, where five soldiers struggle to survive war and toxic masculinity. To best capture his vision for the work, ted made you this video. 

Our Cast: Carlos Gonzalez-Vio (Webb), Josh Johnston (Jack), Samantha Brown (Sarah), Conor Wylie (Ash), Christopher Stanton (Cook)

Our Cast: Carlos Gonzalez-Vio (Webb), Josh Johnston (Jack), Samantha Brown (Sarah), Conor Wylie (Ash), Christopher Stanton (Cook)

  • Running Time: 105 minutes (1 act)

  • Cast: 5 (1F, 4M)

  • Theatre type: Black box

  • Show synopsis here

Part Three: Four Sisters

Directed by Susanna Fournier Choreography by Amanda Acorn

“We can practice being together again tomorrow.” Is a line from The Philosopher’s Wife Tereza says to everyone the first time she brings the wife in on a leash. It’s my starting point as the director of Four Sisters, co-leading a cast of 9 women who come from all over the age, race, artistic, cultural, and economic spectrum in a piece that explores the complex ways women subjugate other women in their individual struggles for power.

“How do we be together?” is one of the most urgent questions we can ask each other as citizens (and all the ways we identify) on this land right here. Right now. How do we be together--within Imperial Canada, the Global North, white supremacy, within #metoo, within the collision between the world of the play and ours? Amanda are conceiving a production focused on a practice of reclamation of our hearts and female bodies from histories of devastation. We seek, along with our ensemble, to discover emergent feminine approaches to power, narrative structures, and embodied presence.”

  • Running Time: 110 minutes. (2 acts & intermission)

  • Cast: 7-10 performer/movers

  • Theatre type: Black box

  • Show synopsis & get tickets for the world premiere here

Below: an excerpt of Amanda's previous work, multiform(s) which has toured nationally and featured at the Festival TransAmériques in 2016.

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