Three  plays. Three unique stories - but when combined they reveal a secret narrative spanning 500 years of imagined history.

You first enter the world of The Empire at the birth of a new age in The Philosopher’s Wife, a  modern gothic exposing society’s obsession with power dynamics and gender wars told through the lens of dog training. 20 years later, The Scavenger’s Daughter plunges you into the now destroyed landscape as orphan soldiers try to survive war,  toxic masculinity, and each other. 300 years after that, Time itself begins to erode in Four Sisters, a spiraling combination of dance and theatre, following a found family of women facing an apocalyptic world.

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As you follow the trilogy to three different venues, you'll experience how each play builds upon the one before. Images repeat and transform (a war begun in one play rages through the next, opium addicts become morphine users become heroin addicts), and characters struggle with and against the legacies of those who came before them. Throughout, you watch the spread and evolution of knowledge, literacy, and technology as implements of both freedom and control.

PARADIGM productions is producing these three modern epics, with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter Program, as a unique season of theatre spanning three different venues in Toronto from 2018- 2019. The Empire Trilogy has been developed, in part, through The Collaborationsan initiative of Canada's National Arts Centre English Theatre.  

PARADIGM productions is a collaborative theatre company based in Toronto focused on developing and producing the large-scale work we crave in live performance.  We create playful, contentious, expressionist narratives in order to bring poetry, politics, and mystery to our stages. Our work is feminist, anti-imperial, queer, rowdy, and sometimes impossible. 

Photos by Bernie Fournier & Tanja-Tiziana