The Empire explores a world on the edge of change (not unlike our own), through three unique stories that when combined reveal a secret narrative spanning 500 years of imagined history.

You can explore the Empire through our live shows, our podcasts, videos, and online only graphic novels.

You first enter the world of The Empire at the birth of a new age in The Philosopher’s Wife, a  modern gothic exposing society’s obsession with power dynamics and gender wars told through the lens of dog training. 20 years later, The Scavenger’s Daughter plunges you into the now destroyed landscape as orphan soldiers try to survive war,  toxic masculinity, and each other. 300 years after that, Time itself begins to erode in Four Sisters, a kaleidoscopic struggle between a family of women facing an apocalyptic world.

Tickets for our cumulative live show, FOUR SISTERS, are now sale now. Click on the show image to purchase yours today - and learn about our previous, critically acclaimed productions.


PARADIGM productions is a collaborative live performance company based in Toronto. We create, develop, and produce ambitious, large-scale work across multiple platforms. We make theatrical worlds to house the playful, mysterious, contentious, and provocative stories we want to experience in the world.

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Susanna Fournier / Creator of The Empire

I'm a story-teller and the artistic producer of PARADIGM productions. I'm keenly interested in what story-telling can and can't do, why and why not – and says who.  I'm a feminist with a dark sense of humour and I will happily argue imperial economics with anyone willing to go toe to toe. For more on me, or to learn about my other works visit

The Empire is supported by The Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter Program and has been developed, in part, through The Collaborationsan initiative of Canada's National Arts Centre English Theatre.  

Photos by Bernie Fournier & Tanja-Tiziana