The Empire

a trilogy by Susanna Fournier

THE EMPIRE is a complete season of world premieres, comprising of Susanna Fournier’s trilogy of plays; The Philosopher’s Wife, The Scavenger’s Daughter, and Four Sisters.

These stories span centuries of history in a world inspired by (but different from) our own, beginning with the birth of modernity and ending with a technological society on the brink of a new age. Each work is a complete story, but when they come together they reveal a larger over-arcing narrative. You see actions set in motion in part one reverberate later on (a war begun in part one rages through part two), images repeat and transform (opium addicts become morphine users become heroin addicts), and characters in one play become mythology in another. Throughout, you watch the spread and evolution of knowledge, literacy, and technology as implements of both freedom and control.

PARADIGM is producing these three modern epics, with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter Program, as a unique season of theatre spanning three different venues in Toronto from 2018- 2019. They will also be available to you here as podcasts.

PARADIGM is a collaborative theatre company based in Toronto focused on developing and producing the design-driven, large-scale work we crave in live performance.  We create contentious, expressionist narratives in order to bring poetry, politics, and mystery to our stages. Our work is feminist, anti-imperial, queer, rowdy, and sometimes impossible.